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Eiichiro Yamada/ Born in Tokyo. After learning to cook French cuisine at Shiba Park Hotel in Tokyo, Yamada moved to US to continue his training as a chef in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He later moved to UK to study while also working at Lowry’s Restaurant in London. After returning to Japan he completed the master course in macrobiotic cooking at Lima Cooking School of Japan CI. In 1976 Yamada opened “Mominoki House” in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. Mominoki House is the first organic food restaurant in Japan in its 43th years now. Yamada is on the board of NPO Japan Slow Life Association and also serves as chairperson on the board of NPO Natural Food Planet.

Do you have good taste in food?
Many people might be interested in wearing stylish clothes or living in a beautifully designed house.

Then what about food, the most important of "ishokuju", or food, clothing and shelter? Are you trying to polish your taste in food for your well-being?


Once you acquire refined taste in eating, you won't have to refrain yourself from eating your "favorite food", or you won't have to force yourself to eat "healthy food".

Let us all have sophisticated taste in food to make our body and soul truly healthy and happy.

MOMINOKI HOUSE will be happy to help you.

MOMINOKI HOUSE serves food for people with taste.

Macrobiotic no susume
A Guide to Macrobiotic (in Japanese).written by Eiichiro Yamada.Now on Sale
水 Title: Macrobiotic no susume(a guide to macrobiotic) Author: Eiichiro Yamada
Publisher: Shuwa System
Released October 2006
Price: 1,050 yen (tax included)
ISBN code: 4-7980-1440-0

◆On sale at bookshops, online and at MOMINOKI HOUSE.