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2-18-5 Jingumae,
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You Are What You Eat.
"You are what you eat." - MOMINOKI HOUSE is a Natural Food Restaurant that believes this concept to be the starting point to a new life style.

In our sincere effort to continue serving food that is clean and healthy from the inside, we use organic foods and ingredients as well as electronically ionized water for all our selected dishes.

Please come join us for lunch and/or dinner with your family, friends and loved ones.

Health Comes from Earth.
野菜◆What is Natural Farming?
Natural Farming is a system of cultivation which needs no fertilizers at all. This means it does not even use organic fertilizers not to mention chemicals and pesticides. It requires one to thoroughly observe Nature, communicate well with plants and give them lots of affection while growing. One also needs to adapt to Nature and always respect it as one's guidance. Only those who have acquired finely honed sensitivities through continued dedication can truly be called Natural Farmers.

Cultivation without fertilizers starts with utilizing Nature's great energies - the Sun, water, soil - as much as possible and trying to let a field perform most effectively. The idea that crops always need fertilizers to grow is a prevailed concept but also a superstition. Of all types of farming, this natural method is the ultimate way.

◆Contrbutions to the Environment
Organic farming has been considered to be friendlier to the enrironment compared to more widely practiced methods of farming that use chemical fertilizers. But there is a pitfall there. Most of the so-called organic fertilizeres are manure of livestock that have been fed genetically modified crops and injected antibiotics and hormones. These types of fertilizers have been used in considerable amount, which has resulted in the pollution of ground water. Moreover, it's been reported that if we keep eating produce that have been grown on excess amount of fertilizeres, it may lead to the formation of a carcinogen called nitrosamine in our bodies. Therefore, one of the great challenges for organic farming is to figure out ways to reduce the amount of fertilizers used.

Farming without fertilizers is the system that can overcome this challenge, and there has been a growing amount of expectations towards this natural farming to deal with various issues over the environment and our health.

We at MOMINOKI HOUSE make utmost efforts to use as much naturally grown produce as possiple.
Please indulge yourself with truly natural food.